Meet Hannah

A Dallas-Ft. Worth luxury wedding photographer telling joyful love stories with timeless elegance, an intentional eye, and God’s love in her heart.

You might recognize my name from my 2019 viral photo that appeared on,, and even front pages in Germany and Israel to name just a few. Or you might just know me as the laughing face behind the camera at your best friend’s wedding. But my story actually began many, many years ago.

When I told my dad at just 17 years old that I wanted to launch my own photography business, he wasn’t even a little surprised. But I guess when your daughter’s prized childhood possession was a hot pink Barbie camera from 1998, the writing is kind of on the wall. And so, my biggest fan registered Hannah Way Photography under his name so I could get an early start establishing my photography career.

I would later buy the business from him for a dollar and begin building it from there, but his initial belief in my dream fueled my passion and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream.

Since heading out on my own as a photographer, I’ve been voted Best Wedding Photographer on the Dallas A-List, nominated for “most worthy photographer”, traveled all over the world for destination weddings, and seen my images featured on The Knot. But the most rewarding gift my business offers is the chance to shower my couples with love. With a classic, true-to-color style, I document the true emotions of a wedding day. From the delight of your floral robed bridesmaids during your first mimosa toast to the overpowering love glittering in the eyes of your husband-to-be when he sees you walk down the aisle, I’m there to capture it all.

But the experience I offer isn’t just about the photos I take.

Whether you need a second opinion on your floral choices, a friend to grab you water after the ceremony, or just someone to whisper a prayer before you walk down the aisle, I’m your girl. 

When I’m not spending time with clients, packing my bags for a destination wedding or editing away on my latest gallery, you can probably catch me binging the office, blasting Taylor Swift (or 2000’s hip hop if the mood hits!) on my way to the gym, or heading out for a shopping trip with my best friends.

I can’t wait to get to know you and find out more about the breathtaking love story you are living! So, shoot me a message so we can grab a pair of lattes or hop on a Zoom call and plan your dream wedding photography experience.

tips from past brides

Tip #1
When looking for a wedding photographer, make sure it’s someone you vibe with personally. They’re such a big part of the whole process and being that it’s an intimate event, you want to feel comfortable and trust them! 🙂
Tip #2
For wedding photos - don’t worry about asking too much of the bridal party or family. Ask for whatever pictures you want as you will never get the moment back. As long as people are eating and drinking while you’re getting pics done, they’re fine!
Tip #3
Unplugged ceremony!
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